The purpose of the Mount Vernon Music Scholarship is to provide area students with supplemental funding for their music education through private lessons, music camps, or purchase of performance-grade instruments. Through the application process, students are given the opportunity to prepare a piece to performance level, and then showcase their talents to the supporting community.

Please note that eligibility is limited to a total of three applications.

Scholarship Application Helpful Hints:

  1. Rhythm Counts!
  2. Intonation Counts!
  3. Vocalists and instrumentalists should have their accompanist on the audition tape, if they plan to perform with an accompanist.
  4. Have your teacher review your audition piece prior to submission. It is a good idea to prepare this well in advance, so you can make corrections and prepare the best audition recording possible.
  5. The student’s performance must not be dominated by the accompanying instrument. We are not awarding the scholarship to the accompanist!
  1. The recording device does not have to be fancy. Winning scholarship entries have been made with a cell phone – the primary goal is clarity of the soloist.
  1. Do not use an electric keyboard.