Mount Vernon Music Youth Outreach programs bring clinics by expert brass and woodwind players into middle and high schools to help students improve their skills, and performances of musical stories with visual art and narration to elementary schools in East Texas.

Mount Vernon Music’s resident professional musicians and guest artists perform school programs which are tailored specifically to audience age. The performers engage the students through informal conversation, demonstrations and music, and may demonstrate how programs correlate to geography, historical events and other academic topics students are learning about in school.

The 2019-20 school outreach calendar will include The Donkey, the Goat and the Little Dog by Susan Kander; a double-feature of short musical stories for violin-viola duo commissioned by MVM: Midnight Adventures by Fort Worth composer Till MacIvor Meyn and illustrations by Jane Lucchino, plus Beagles’ Day Out by Benedikt Brydern with rhyming verse and illustrations by Rose Roeder; The Town Musicians, a Musical Adventure, also by Brydern and based on the Grimm’s fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians, commissioned by MVM and scored for flute and string trio with narration and digital projections of illustrations by Madeline Crist; and Villains & Sweethearts by Daniel Kelley, five fairy tales for string quartet and narrator also illustrated by Madeline Crist.