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Who We Are

Mount Vernon Music Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing outstanding performances of live music to communities primarily in northeast Texas. We present concerts of traditional chamber music, jazz and other styles as well as educational and family concerts, and programs for nursing homes, encouraging interaction of the performing and visual arts.


The mission of Mount Vernon Music is to provide and develop the appreciation for high quality performance of live music.



Imagine an age when music had to be played live to be heard at all. A concert with Ludwig van Beethoven playing the piano was a sensation, especially when he was playing his own music. Brilliant, revolutionary, uncompromising music.

Yet even for a sensation like Beethoven, there were conventions to observe and traditions to follow. But in 1808, with the Piano Concerto No. 4 in G major, he defied convention. People heard it and thought he must be going mad. A concerto is heroic, showy, with a big introduction. What is he thinking, having the piano start alone…and softly, as if the soloist is questioning the audience? It is personal and intimate. Are we hearing chamber music?

Perhaps it didn’t help that the program lasted more than four hours, and took place in an unheated venue in winter!

On Saturday, September 22 at 7:30 pm in the climate-controlled comfort of Mount Vernon Music Hall, relive the birth of this masterpiece, performed by pianist Evan Mitchell; Mark Miller and Yuko Mansell, violins; Ute Miller, viola; Elizabeth White, cello; Jack Unzicker, double bass.

Also on the program: Quintet in E minor by Josef Labor, whose own story is an inspiring showstopper. Labor had a storied career as a pianist, composer and teacher despite having contracted smallpox as a small child, which left him completely blind.

There will be repeat performances on Monday, September 24 at UT Arlington and Wednesday, September 26 at Texas A&M University-Commerce, both at 7:30 pm.






THE TOWN MUSICIANS – Book and CD project    

In 2015 Mount Vernon Music commissioned a piece for children from composer Benedikt Brydern for use in outreach performances in East Texas schools. We decided to base it on the Grimm’s fairy tale The Bremen Town Musicians, and to make the work even more accessible to children, we turned to artist Madeline Crist for accompanying illustrations. Brydern’s The Town Musicians, A Musical Adventure was premiered in June 2015 at MVM Hall. Since then we have taken this quartet for flute, violin, viola, cello and narrator to many schools, performing it for thousands of children. The impression this piece makes on children who otherwise have no opportunity to see orchestra productions (like Peter & the Wolf) is profound. The quartet with narrator and projected images of the paintings is easily transportable to communities all over East Texas.

As part of our effort to share this delightful music with as many children as possible, MVM also created a bilingual book and CD in English and Spanish, with narration by professional Hollywood actors. Mindful of the German background of our composer, of the original story, and of our violist, we are in the process of creating a second version in German and English for children in Germany. Also in development is an eBook to make The Town Musicians available to an even larger audience.




1.) Mount Vernon Music Association (MVM) will continue to be a recognized and highly respected arts organization in the region, the state and the country.

2.) MVM will continue to be a cultural ambassador, bringing a wide range of musical styles through the creation and sharing of music of the highest quality to audiences who might not otherwise have an opportunity to hear it.

3.) MVM will continue to explore, celebrate and preserve our rich musical heritage from diverse cultures by presenting varied combinations of ensembles, instruments, and ethnic musical traditions.

4.) MVM will continue to support and expand a broad base of music lovers, bringing beauty and harmony into the communities we serve.

5.) MVM will be a catalyst for a vibrant arts community in East Texas. MVM will promote appreciation for arts and culture by presenting programs involving the performing and visual arts.

6.) MVM will build future audiences through educational programs, performing opportunities for young artists, and scholarship support.